About Us

Hey! Our names are Jasmine, Oli and Clara and we're the three siblings behind Holiday in a Box.

We love travelling together and during lockdown, came up with a new idea for how to travel abroad, while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Travelling is about spending time with the people you love, eating delicious food and learning a little about a different part of the world. We've worked hard to capture all of this in our first destination, Paris in a Box.

We've always wanted to start a business together but have been too busy with work or not living in the same city.

Lockdown brought us together and back in May we tested out our new idea on friends and family. Although they were initially a little confused by what they were actually signing up for, all of them loved their 'trip to Paris'. We decided to go for it and launch to the public. We've had such a positive response and we're so excited the idea is taking off.

Bonus: if you can guess where the photo of us was taken, we'll give you £5 off your next order!

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