1. General

Do you cater to different dietary requirements?

Yes, we currently offer two menu options, one meat, one vegetarian. Unfortunately we cannot accomodate vegan or gluten free travellers but we hope to expand our food options in the future. Sign up to our waiting list to be the first to hear when we introduce our new menus.

Will I get any choice over activities as part of Paris in a Box?

Paris in a Box comes with lots of different activities included as standard, more than you could do in one day!


We also offer some optional premium activities which cost a little extra, such as ingredients for making a raspberry tart and a set of Boules.

Do I need to buy anything else for the day?

Not really! Your box comes with all the food and guides to have an amazing day trip to Paris. For cooking, do make sure you have olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine (for the dinner recipe), salt and pepper in your cupboard. Please note that we do not provide tea and coffee, so make sure you have something to drink during your visit to the Parisian café Les Deux Magots.

Our boxes don't include wine in the standard price but these can be added on for an extra cost. There are also a small number of extra treats which can be added to your box - please refer to the booking form for more information

Do I need to keep the whole day clear?

It’s up to you - it’s your holiday! There are no set times for you to use the elements in the box, so you can eat your meals when you like and decide which order to do the activities. Many ‘virtual tourists’ prefer to keep the experience “in Paris” for the whole day (which is what we recommend for the full immersive experience). Others may have an engagement “outside of Paris”, and you can plan your day as you like around that if needed.

Whatever your plans, if it’s a beautiful day we encourage you to get out for a stroll, just as you would on a normal holiday. 

Is there anything I should prepare before the day of my trip?

The virtual tours are best viewed on a TV screen. If possible, link your computer up to your TV via an HDMI cable or a screen casting device (e.g. Google Cast or Amazon Fire). We recommend using speakers for the full experience of the Parisian soundscape.

You might also want to get your wardrobe ready. If you are looking for some more inspiration, click here for women and here for men. 

2. Delivery

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere in Greater London but if you live outside Zone 1, there is a £5 delivery fee. Unfortunately we don't deliver outside London at the moment but are working on expanding to the rest of the UK soon.

Is there a cutoff date for orders?

Bookings shut 5 days before your 'trip to Paris'.

When do deliveries happen?

We will deliver your box the day before your 'trip to Paris'. So if you booked your 'trip to Paris' for Sunday 20th June, we would deliver on Friday 19th June.


Once we have approved your booking request we will email you with a 2-hour delivery time slot. 

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